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marking the territory. I go to this place called college 10 months out of the year to drink heavily and learn things.


Anonymous asked: I'm going to London soon any suggestions on what to do? Nightclubs, attractions, restaurants,etc.? Or any tips?! Thanks!


loved the clubs try out cafe, DSTRKT, the box (if you can get in)

restaurants: they sucked hahaha english food is so bland

attractions: the eye, abbey road, all that shit

Anonymous asked: hope u have an awesome fucking week tori baek

aw this is nice thank you I’m trying

Anonymous asked: do you really think taylor is that pretty? i asked you here so that you can answer honestly and you can respond privately. i think people think shes a lot prettier than she really is. she's average at best i think

taylor is gorgeous! you haven’t met her (probably) so don’t talk shit

I have a ten page paper to write so I’m going to keep this short.

let me first start this by saying: I’m a tough bitch I’ve been through more than I care to show, and I carry many burdens and insecurities with me on a daily basis just like everyone else.

However, I woke up this morning and realized that these past few months/semester in general I’ve been nothing but a little bitch

I’ve done a lot of traveling; Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, LA, LA, New York, etc. I’ve met many different people, and have gone through many great experiences. So why is it that I realized I’ve been a little bitch?

Because I’ve compromised my self worth for something that I confused for happiness. 

The human mind is a funny thing, it materializes and fabricates notions and ideas to ultimately simulate happiness. This is probably because that’s the goal of life, to be happy. 

Well let me tell you, this bitch was and has been confused. It’s taken me a while and I’ve lost a lot of good things, but it’s better late than never. I’ve let my academics suffer, I’ve broken friendships when I ignored their advice, and I’ve just made a fool of myself. 

I suppose I have no one but myself to blame and it’s for that reason that I have no self-pity. I got a text last night that also helped open my eyes to a lot of shit. Not to be cocky or anything, but I’m Tori Baek. Life is pretty damn good and I’ve just been complicating it for myself by allowing problems and just plain shit to situate itself into my life.

So I guess the point of this absurdly long post is to give myself closure and maybe help someone else out there realize and learn from my mistake. 

The only person who can give or create happiness for you is yourself. Don’t ever let someone or something be the source of your happiness or you will become dependent upon it, and that isn’t healthy. By doing so you’re robbing yourself of self control; you are the creator of your own destiny, so don’t be a little bitch and let someone else choose for you.

so yeah, that’s it. if you’re reading this I’m sorry for being super annoying the past few months, it’s time for the old Tori to come back because this new one is shit. Oh, and also, the point of this post is not pointed at any one individual in particular. I’m not mad or upset at all, I’ve learned a great lesson and for that I’m grateful, no matter what has happened. it’s just time to move on; and in the words of a great designer: delete the negative and accentuate the positive! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, once you stop giving a shit and stressing the little things, really good stuff starts to happen. 

So yeah, just food for thought